Are your rates negotiable?

Would a salesman allow you to negotiate the rate of his Maserati at the same rate of a Toyota because that’s what you want to pay? No. The same goes for my rate.

What happens during a Tantric massage session?

You will be given a towel/pareo to wear, which will be carefully removed during the course of the massage ritual. The main part of the massage will take place in natural nudity, which will enable you to feel even the most tender of touches. According to my Tantric ideals, using various massage techniques, I touch, stroke and give massage treatment to the entire body. I touch the body everywhere, including especially sensitive, intimate areas. Sessions do involve touch of the Lingam/Yoni but it is to bring consciousness or awareness to the genitals as well as understanding how to move sexual energy through the body, not for sexual relief. Perceptions of sensuality and lust a located here, and these perceptions are an important source of the joy of life. Pelvic floor massage (prostate massage) is not part of the Tantric massage but also can be an option of it’s needed for the healing of the individual. The touch of the intimate areas is always based on the receiver and never happen anything forced or against your will. Also need to be mentioned the Therapist follows a set of technique and the receiver must be willing to except the lead of the therapist. For my Tantra Massage I use natural aromatherapy oils, in the background I play peaceful music, which will help you to relax and to forget all of your worries. The selection of oil and music can be agreed upon with the giver.

Are therapist naked during a Tantric massage?

It depends on what the receiver feels comfortable with and what is the spiritual energy between giver and receiver. Therapists can be partially clothed during the massage, but touching the therapist is discouraged as the intention is for you to relax and to receive the massage. The scarce clothing can remove the barriers and ‘mask’ we put up to others, so that we can allow ourselves to be who we really are (our authentic self), not what we wear, do for a living or own. But nothing is compulsory…

Does the massage end with ejaculation?

The massage supports ejaculation control and helps to awaken the circulation around the pelvic area. The healing process also works on to release guilt, fear and shame around sexuality. So don’t focus on the goal and don’t stress yourself about ejaculation.

How to prepare for a Tantric massage?

Be free from expectations and don’t consume heavy food up to 2hrs prior the session.

What do I do during massage session?

Relax, breathe, surrender, breathe, no thinking, concentrate on your breathing, talk as little as possible, breathe, close your eyes and remain inside, feel and release emotions. Physically mostly you will lie except when strong emotional release needed.

What happens if I get an erection during the session?

Short answer is: nothing. Erections are welcome, it is not a problem or something to be embarrassed about, I teach you very simple techniques that help remove and spread that energy, which is pure life force, through your body. In saying that don’t be concerned if you don’t get an erection or if you do, most clients are amazed that they didn’t feel “erect” in a sensuous setting.

Why does your Tantric Massage take so long?

A Tantric Massage deals with the life force flow in clients. Most people are not aware of it. Many can’t find it. Others are controlled by it. The Tantric Massage Therapist assists the client to make awareness contact with their own life force. This process requires time. I would like a natural alternative to solve my issue for premature ejaculation (erection strength, anorgasmia) or other sexual dysfunction. But I am not spiritual, I don’t do yoga or meditation… Tantric techniques are a wonderful, 100% natural way of addressing sexual performance issues in both men and women. The sessions aren’t overly spiritual but learning a little about energy and spirituality will be an added benefit. Sessions are mainly practical and I work with your energy instead of your mind (lot of practice, less talk).

What should I know about our session together?

We first converse over email about what kind of experience you would like to have during the session. My sessions range from educational to mainly experiential. Sometimes you may be in the mood to learn and other times you may just want to experience. This can change from session to session. The reason I don’t outline exactly what a session looks like is simply that it’s different for everyone. Lucky for you I have studied so many different Tantric Paths. This insures you will get the session that is perfect for you. When we do speak, if you’d like, I will outline exactly what will happen in your particular session or I can leave it as a surprise. Expect to be gently guided throughout any session. We will work with stepping out of habitual ways of being in regards to your sensuality. It is important to always be open to guidance and feedback. I understand it can be a very vulnerable place – I will always keep it light and positive.

Do you offer a series of sessions?

Yes, I do. My series offering is unique. You can enjoy a series of sessions one of two ways. You can either have a series of educational sessions that build from one to the next. Or, like going to a favorite spa, you can have your favorite mainly experiential session each time. The benefit of the first is obvious. The benefit of the second choice is you receive the benefit of enjoying a Tantra session with someone you are comfortable with, knows everything you enjoy, and will help you to explore new things as well.

How Can I See You?

I prefer all initial contact is done via my Booking Form. Visit my booking form for details. I really look forward to speaking with you.

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