Solving your premature ejaculation problem

Premature ejaculation (PME) is simply an early ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual penetration which leads to an unsatisfactory sex for both partners because it occurs with the smallest sexual stimulation and before the person wishes to ejaculate. It has probably affected every man at some point in his life because it is the […]

The beauty of tantra massage

The art of Tantra has been practiced for over many years. Its origin have been traced back to the Himalayan Mountains in India, where religious leaders believed that sexual ritual was the path to higher form of ecstasy and liberation. Modern day tantric massage takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a full […]

Why prostate massage is more than just pleasure

Prostate massage is basically the stimulation or massage of the male prostate gland for either sexual stimulation or medical purposes. The prostate takes part in the sexual response cycle, and is essential for the production of sperm. Due to its closeness to the anterior rectal wall, it can be stimulated from the anterior wall or […]

Methodology of tantra massage

A greater level of consciousness can actually be attained by humans; this can become easily actualized through a proper tantra massage. Only well-skilled massage therapists or people who love and studied the art of tantra can carry out the tantra massage by making use of sexual energy to get your body and soul to a […]