Methodology of tantra massage

A greater level of consciousness can actually be attained by humans; this can become easily actualized through a proper tantra massage. Only well-skilled massage therapists or people who love and studied the art of tantra can carry out the tantra massage by making use of sexual energy to get your body and soul to a higher consciousness state. There is a dormant energy field in everyone’s body, and this can be aroused through sensual touches from the fingertips of a highly skilled massage therapist. It is believed that once this energy field is aroused, physical and mental pains that are trapped within the body are released and lovers also get connected in an experience of ecstasy.

Theory of Tantra Massage

Tantra is a word that has its origin from Sanskrit language, and it means manifest or bring forth. Whenever tantra massage Dubai is carried out, blocked energy in all parts of the body become unwrinkled, and the Kundalini, a mythical energy located at the base of the spine, is awakened from its state of rest. From the basal part of the spine, the Kundalini moves up the spine and precipitates across the whole body, spreading healing. This process can only be achieved by professionals in tantra massage, make sure you get yourself one.
There can necver be two similar tantra massages, tantra massage is unique to every individual. The primary responsibility of a tantra masseur is to get the seven energy centres of the body – the seven chakras awakened, thereby poking the sleeping Kundalini. A good therapist will first put the client’s body in a relaxation mode, before proceeding into building up the centralized chakra energy and concluding it with immediate arousal of the Kundalini.

Sexual Implication of the Tantra Massage

It should be known that tantra massage creates a sexual and emotional connection between the two people involved; this is why it is best carried out between lovers only. The kind of intimacy involved in tantra massage Dubai should only occur between two people who are comfortable with each other’s bodies. For this reason, a standard therapist will ask for your opinion on the healing methods to make sure you are comfortable with the process.

Benefits of Tantra Massage

Getting a tantra massage Dubai session during your visit to Dubai, UAE will leave you thoroughly refreshed and relaxed, do not miss out on this for anything. Book a session with us right away and we will make it worth your while.

Tantra Massage Dubai