Nuru massage or ‘body slide’ massage is a supremely sensual massage whereby your Tantric Goddess will massage your whole body incorporating pressure and strokes from her own body in turn.

This massage allows you to experience sensuality like no other massage offers and has quickly become the signature of my massages. My Nuru massages is one of the ultimate body to body massage experiences you will find in Dubai attracting both men and women.

The massage gel is a clear, non perfumed liquid with a extremely smooth & silky viscosity that’s easy to wash off, leaving no noticeable residue on your skin or clothing. The Nuru massage gel is derived from a special type of seaweed and the name ‘Nuru’ originates from Japan, meaning slippery or smooth. It is this gel that forms the most essential part of any Nuru massage.

It’s even an excellent therapeutic treatment for restoring skin tone and vitality as it provides deep moisturising. The massage gel is heated before being applied to your body.

To prepare for your massage you’re invited to take a quick steamy shower or dip in a hot bath (subject to available facilities). This helps your muscles to soften in preparation for your Nuru Massage.

Our bodies will flows effortlessly together as I caress your muscles with very sensual motions.

Here’s a short video from Nuru Guru to show you how the gel works.

This is not me in the video!

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